Daisy Dental Toothpowder

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Formulated with all natural ingredients that are beneficial to good oral health Daisy Dental Toothpowder is effective for removing surface stains and controlling plaque-induced gingivitis.  Daisy will leave your mouth with an ultra fresh minty clean feel.

This toothpowder also comes in a fully compostable cardboard container so its kind to the earth as well as your mouth.

Actually its vegan and cruelty free as well, so really it ticks all the boxes.

Toothpowders are not a new thing, in fact the use of powders to clean teeth dates back many hundreds of years ago.  Toothpaste only came about in the last 100 hundred years when manufacturers started to add potentially harmful ingredients such as harsh abrasives and foaming agents and tried to fit it all in a plastic tube for convenience.  Glycerin in another additive  which coats the teeth leaving a slippery film which gave the impression of being clean but what it does at the same time is prevent minerals which are vital for teeth to become healthy and strong from being absorbed by teeth and gums. 

Daisy Dental toothpowder is rich in mineralising agents whilst gently but effectively cleaning teeth.  How did we do that ?  Check out the list below:

Calcium Carbonate

A naturally occurring mineral which gently polishes and restores brightness to teeth by removing stains without harming tooth enamel. 

Bentonite Clay

Naturally binds to toxins, helping eliminate heavy metal toxins from mercury fillings. Also rich in minerals that are nourishing to gums and teeth and improves teeth sensitivity.

Sea Salt

Unrefined sea salt is helpful for healing irritated gums and contains a plethora of tooth-benefitting minerals.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a trusted tooth cleaner which gently polishes teeth clean and whitens your smile.


Naturally derived from plants this stimulates saliva production which helps protect and remineralise teeth.

Raw Cacao

Powerful antioxidant which limits bacteria levels as well strengthening teeth.

Essential Oils

Peppermint oil is naturally antiseptic and antibacterial. On top of having pain-relieving properties, it also leaves your mouth feeling minty and fresh.

What you won’t find in Daisy Dental Toothpowder:

Glycerin (coats your teeth and gums in a film that prevents nutrients from being absorbed by the gums and interrupts natural remineralization of tooth enamel)
Harsh abrasives  (erode tooth enamel)
Foaming Agents
Industrial Detergents
Artificial Sweeteners


But remember, no matter how pure the ingredients some people may still have a reaction to this product and if that happens to you please stop using and return the item for a full refund.