Bronson B.O Buster [SAMPLE SIZE]

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Try our sample size of Bronson to see how well it works.
Our body has various ways of expelling harmful toxins and one of those is from the hundreds of sweat glands found in our arm pits.  Imagine now that for as long as you can recall you have not only been suppressing this essential function, but doing so by adding even more harmful toxins to your body.  Sure we cant always let the perspiration flow freely as nature intended, but what we can do is try to minimise the toxins we introduce.
Enter Bronson B.O Buster. 
Bronson B.O Buster is a totally natural remedy to combat body odour and absorb perspiration for our ever hard working armpits.  Made with botanical extracts and pure essential oils you can be guaranteed a safe and super effective solution for smelly pits.
Our proprietary blend of essential oils ensure that not only do you get all the antibacterial and antiviral properties that nature has to offer, but also has a scent which is suitable for all members of the family.

This special formula is as pure as we can make it therefore it is a paste, meaning that we don't use hardeners, softeners or fillers. Every ingredient selected is safe for you, doesn't contain any animal products and has never been tested on animals.  

This natural deodorant works.  Please see the reviews from all our delighted customers.

Contains only natural and certified organic ingredients where possible.

Free from harmful aluminium salts or sweat blockers.

Is completely invisible upon application and doesn’t mark clothes.

Refreshing scent suitable for the whole family.

Does not contain Alcohol, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Triclosans, Synthetic Fragrances or other harmful chemicals.

Vegan, cruelty-free and made with love in Australia on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne.

In some cases where people have been using toxic deodorants for a very long time it may take some time to adjust to a natural deodorant like this.  This is purely because of the extra toxins in the body.  If you persevere your body will adjust in time and you too will enjoy the benefits of a natural solution that is good for you.  

Also remember, no matter how pure the ingredients some people may have a reaction to this product.  Like all other skin care products please test on a small area of your skin before using on your sensitive pits and if you have any reaction at all please stop using and return the item for a full refund.