The Humans behind Starre


I am Mary, one of the founders of Starre Botanicals.

Several years ago after a health scare in our family Nick and I started to pay close attention to our diet, lifestyle and the products we would use on our bodies.  The latter was born from the knowledge of the vital function our skin plays on our health and well being.  

It didn't take long or much research to uncover the harmful effects of a couple of everyday products that seemed otherwise quite innocent.  Astounded at how easy, effective and inexpensive natural alternatives were we have now been using our own formulations for years.   

Over time, our friends and family came to hear of our formulations and eventually we started to make it for them as well.  The feedback we received was so positive and we were delighted that it worked for them as well.  It was then we decided to make it our mission to introduce as many people as we could to these effective and beautifully lush products.

Our motto is "if you cant eat it then you shouldn't put it on your skin".  It's that simple.  Our skin plays such a vital role in absorbing nutrients and minerals and detoxifying that you shouldn't take any chances with what you put on it, particularly when there is a natural solution that is safe as it is effective. 

We are passionate about our handful of bespoke body care solutions, and particularly passionate about educating and increasing awareness around the harmful effects of some everyday personal care products.  We look forward to going on the journey with you and are available to answer any of your questions about natural skin care solutions.


Yours in good health,


Nick & Mary