About Starre

The passion to develop body care products that do not include animal products or are tested on animals was born from a love of all animals great and small but certainly in particular our own pets.


Starre was a very feisty fox terrier cross jack russel.  She was fast, sassy and very protective of her people.  We could never be sure how she would behave around new people and for a good long while that was a royal pain in the bum, but over time and experience we grew to appreciate her accurate judge of character.  If you didnt pass the Starre test then you simply couldn't be trusted. 

Oh yeah, she also didn't like other dogs a whole bunch which was a problem when we decided to take on another rescue dog called Daisy.  We knew that was going to be tricky with Starre's quirky character so on the eve of collecting Daisy I just sat her down and had a good ole chat to her.  I explained to her how Daisy was not lucky in life as she had been and that we had to help her out for a while.  I asked her to be nice and not attack her or be difficult towards her.  In an extraordinary turn of events Starre actually listened and didn't attack Daisy when they were introduced.  It was quite funny how she would allow her to be in our space but wouldn't not acknowledge her at all.  One day as we were all getting comfortable on the sofa Daisy accidentally bumped Starre and she spun around in complete shock, sniffed her a bit and then they were friends for life.  

Starre loved to sing with Nick, bake herself in front of the heater, pick fights with dogs much bigger than her and she also had this ability to remain under the doona cover for hours on end without coming up for breath.

Needless to say, the day we all lost Starre was devastating, not just to the humans but moreso to poor Daisy who had lost her mate.  Daisy went into a very obvious depression which ultimately led to us obtaining another rescue mate for her which we named Lily.  We were successful in replacing one feisty dog with another.


Nick as a child grew up with birds so he had more of an affinity with them than Mary did.  Therefore when he came across a listing of a parrot for sale he became curious and wanted to have a closer look.  There was something about the listing that irked him.  He drove many kilometres across the other side of town and when arrived at the destination did not like what he saw.  Rosie turn out to be a wild caught long beak corella, confined in a smallish cage and in a area that hard a couple of large dogs that would torment her by occasional knocking the cage over.  Nick sensing that the sellers of the bird didn't care too much about her welfare made a low ball offer on the their asking price and he took her away with him.  

The long drive back home was not easy on her, and they arrived at the house she was quite still and appeared to be in shock.  Nick put her in a small dark room so she could feel safe and not be overwhelmed further as she got used to her new surroundings.  Mary pulled up a chair and sat with her for a number of hours talking softly to her in the hope this may reassure her and it was there that she was named Rosie due to her beautiful pink face and forehead.

Rosie was yet another feisty animal (for some reason we keep landing with their personalities).  She grew used to her surroundings rather quickly and soon started to make loud demands.  She would let us know when she was awake so we could roll her large cage out of the laundry and into our living area so she would have company.  From time to time she wanted to chat and if someone didn't respond to her in a timely manner she would express her disdain by screaming at us all.  We grew to adore her weird, loud personality and had wonderful conversations.  We even found out she loved a particular song by Van Morrison and would sign and dance to it each time.  She would mimic the dogs bark and Nick's cough.

We made the hard decision to rehome Daisy after Nick had a kidney transplant and keeping birds in the house was a risk to his health that was too great to take.  As we didn't desire for her to be housed outdoors we put the call out for someone to give her a home.  She was very lucky to be taken in by another animal lover who also adored her crazy ways.  Rosie is living a wonderful life currently and shes learnt how to laugh like a human.